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An Ill-fitting Bra Can Cause Health Issues

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Did you know that an ill-fitting bra can cause a variety of health problems for women? According to former breast cancer surgeon and author of “Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book,” Susan Love, MD, some of the problems attributed to ill-fitting bras include:

Bras that are tight can restrict rib cage movement and accessory muscles used for breathing. Constantly having your breasts pushed inwards can cause circulation restriction, which may damage breast tissue.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome has been associated with ill-fitting bras that constrict too much and interfere with the digestive process by putting undue pressure on the diaphragm.
  • Circulation problems can develop when the pectoral muscles in the chest are compressed, affecting the neurovascular bundle of nerves to the arms causing a pins and needles sensation.
  • Skin problems due to tight straps or hooks digging into the flesh causing lesions or lymphomas.
  • Back problems from insufficient support to the trapezius muscle from an ill-fitting bra can cause muscle strain which then leads to chronic back, shoulder and neck pain.

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